EnerGuideWhen you’re ready to build your new home, Elemental Energy Advisors in the Comox Valley can help you uncover systems and solutions to help you build energy efficiency directly into the construction process. Owner Cristi Sacht and her team provide a wide variety of energy-efficiency consulting services, including an EnerGuide Labelling Service and help with implementing energy incentives available through BC Hydro and Fortis BC.

EnerGuide Labelling Service

Elemental Energy Advisors offers the EnerGuide Labelling Service, an affordable and recognized rating system administered by the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada. Planning for energy efficiency during the design phase of a home is key to investigating options and making educated decisions.

“An EnerGuide rating provides a standard measure of your home’s energy performance, showing you and future buyers exactly how energy-efficient your home is,” states Sacht. “The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions that allow you to compare the energy performance of one house to another. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation, and extremely high energy consumption, while a rating of 100 represents an air-tight, well-insulated, sufficiently ventilated house that needs so annual energy purchases.”

If you proceed with Energuide labelling, Elemental Energy Advisors offers an on-site visit once the home is built, including a building-envelope test to check for air leakage and ventilation.

“Doing so ensures a healthy living environment,” says Sacht. “Once the file is complete, we’ll take care of the incentives application so that you don’t have to.”

Building for Energy Efficiency

Other options for energy-efficient construction programs through Elemental Energy Advisors include:

  • Built Green BC;
  • ENERGY STAR for New Homes;
  • BC Hydro’s Power Smart New Home Program; and
  • Fortis BC’s New Home Program.

The process of initiating these programs is simple, and the Elemental Energy Advisors team can begin the evaluation with nothing more than a copy of your building plans.

“We’ll prepare a computer model, offer a no-obligation projected EnerGuide rating, and help you determine whether building with an EnerGuide 80 standard in mind is financially feasible after factoring in applicable builder incentives,” says Sacht. “We make it simple and painless!”

2013 Energy Incentives

Incentives available for the rest of 2013 through BC Hydro and Fortis BC are still set at $2000 per each single-family dwelling that achieves an EnerGuide 80 minimum rating. There are additional incentives for:

  • appliance packages – $150;
  • natural-gas-fired boiler – $1000;
  • EnerChoice Approved natural-gas fireplace – $300;
  • ENERGY STAR high-efficient natural-gas water heaters – $200 to $1000; and
  • row houses, townhomes, and duplexes – $200 for achieving an EnerGuide 80 rating.

For builders completing several projects per year, the savings can really add up.

Additional Services

Elemental Energy Advisors is expanding their knowledge and services with the addition of a Building Envelope Evaluation and Efficiency Consultation package for existing homeowners. This services costs $150 and includes:

  • a building-envelope evaluation with their blower door unit
  • identifying areas of leakage and offering potential solutions; and
  • presenting options to help save money on your utility bills.
  • Have your options calculated in annual dollar savings and annual energy savings.

“We’ll calculate annual dollar and energy savings for you,” states Sacht. “Knowledge is power, and that applies to your home as well.”

Contact Information

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older residential property, the Certified Energy Advisors at Elemental Energy Advisors can help you reduce energy consumption and save money. Send your building plans or questions to info@elementalenergyadvisors.ca or call 250.830.8000. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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