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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Home Office Set-Up

By May 26, 2020December 8th, 2021No Comments

The BC Construction Alliance has released information on helping to create an ergonomic workspace at home. For more details, the full report is available here.

Many of us are not used to working from home and as we transition into a home office it is important to remember a few key steps:

1. It is important for us to try and replicate your office workstation to your home workstation. This helps us to remain working efficiently, comfortably, and safely.
2. If you do not have your normal office equipment, if possible, ask your employer if there is a way you can retrieve your office equipment but also follow the physical distancing guidelines set out from Provincial Health Officer.
3. Check in with your employer, supervisor, union, or Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee for more information on your companies working from home policies.

Home Set-up Quick Tips:
• Working solely from a laptop is hard on the neck and body. If possible, use external devices such as keyboards, monitors and mice to help keep you in a neutral position.
• Find a dedicated place for you to set up your workspace. Try and separate work and home life.
• Find a comfortable chair with back support and keep your feet supported.
• Place the top line of text on your monitor at or just below your eye level.
• Place your keyboard and mouse just below your elbow.
• Use props if you do not have the right equipment to keep your body in neutral. Such as books under your laptop or a pillow for backrest.
• Make frequent positional changes – do not stay in the same position for more than 60 minutes.
• Try standing! Raise your monitor to eye level and ensure keyboard is just below elbows (90 degrees).
• Take your normal breaks and lunch. It is important to move around and stretch throughout the day.
• Drink lots of water! This helps you move around and gives your eyes a break from the screen.
• Stay connected with your co-workers!